Our Wedding

People tend to say that their wedding day was the best day, the most wonderful day, the most beautiful day of their entire life. Before I got married, I always thought that those people were exaggerating. Honestly, how can that one day be the best day ever? All the arranging and the stress of the wedding, that can’t be true. But I thought wrong…

Our wedding day was rainy and cold, yet it was amazing and magical and overwhelming. We both had a smirk on our face from the beginning until the end of the day. We enjoyed the waking up in our parental houses, getting ready to see each other (for Thomas to see Yumi’s dress for the first time), visiting some nice places for a photo shoot (we even visited the fair on the Korenmarkt), having a wonderful and funny ceremony in an impressive location, moving to the huge and fantastic Salons Valkenbulcke for a fun reception, a fantastic dinner, an amazing and yummy dessert buffet and an awesome party. Even though we had some stressful situations during the last couple of days, on our big day everything went smooth and according to our wishes.

When we woke up on Sunday, we were even a little sad that our perfect day was over. There would be no more planning, no more choosing, no more discussing, no more searching for feasible alternatives. Our day had come and gone just like that. Now all we had were two rings, two great outfits and some really good memories.

So we’d like to thank everybody that was present and contributed to make our day so great. Thank you for showing up with such a numerous amount on the ceremony (sorry we didn’t place enough chairs for everyone, we didn’t know how much people to expect). Thank you for making the reception so much fun (we wanted to speak to more people than we did, but we enjoyed having everyone there). Thank you for the great party we had on the dance floor (5 am was there so sudden and then we all had to leave). And of course, thank you for all the wonderful presents (we really enjoyed unwrapping them the next day)!

Since memories tend to fade, our two wedding photographers made sure we’d have some unforgettable pictures too. You can find a limited selection in this gallery. If you want a picture in higher resolution or if you can’t find the picture you were looking for, send us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

Happily Married

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