Bye Bye Poutine

It’s been over a month now that we’ve traded the Canadian maple leaf back for the Belgian tricolor. Our last week of that wonderful adventure was filled with goodbyes and last-minute arrangements for our move back. We wanted to cook a last supper for several of our friends, to share some last great evenings together and –more practically speaking– to get rid of the food and alcohol we still had stored in our pantry. Hence our last weekend was filled with stuffed cannelloni, Cards Against Humanity and 7 Wonders1. We received a disappointing remark from our guests when they learned that we hadn’t tried out curling yet, so we booked a two-hour session for our last Monday evening.

On Tuesday evening we visited SaskGames’s Chewsday Challenge for the last time. During the weekly announcements, Derek even honoured us with a mention about our move back. It did feel a bit weird to say goodbye to so many people that –although we didn’t know that much about each other– we spent so many an evening with.

Because we knew we’d be packing and rearranging all evening on Thursday, we had planned our last goodbye on Wednesday. Not only was it the last time we’d see Jennifer, Ali, Romana, Bernd and Benjamin all together in Regina, but it was also our last visit to the Coney Island poutinerie. For the last time we indulged in the poutine and milkshake combo that we had come to love. We received some awesome parting gifts: Victoria’s Tavern t-shirts and a Canadian maple leaf made of Lego2.

To make the circle complete, Chao –who had awaited us at the Regina airport when we arrived there two years ago– had decided to wave us goodbye at the airport. Our flights home were thwarted by a snow storm in Toronto, our luggage being mistakenly sent to Montreal and flight delays on every step of the way. But in the end we did manage to arrive in Belgium.

That’s it, that’s the official end of our Canadian adventures. We’re still in doubt about keeping the blog alive, but for now: thanks for reading, it has been a pleasure writing and sharing our stories with you.

  1. Which we liked so much that we bought it once we were back in Belgium.
  2. That already adorns our living room wall.

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