Lumberjack Fantasies

Our rapidly approaching move back to Belgium will bring changes for both of our work environments. I will –after working from home for two years– finally spend some time with my colleagues again. But Yumi will have to say farewell to Canadian colleagues and start over again in Belgium. We were looking into a fitting farewell activity: bowling and a virtual reality arcade game both were nice options. But in the end, we decided in favor one of those once-in-a-lifetime things: axe throwing. Or as the website so neatly describes it: “It’s kinda like darts… but not!”

We received a brief safety lesson and then were handed a hatchet that we had to throw at the targets that were about four meters away. Hitting the target obviously wasn’t enough, you only received points for an axe that got firmly stuck on the wall. We all needed a couple of tries to get the spin right –axes bouncing about in every direction, there’s a reason you need sturdy footwear–, but eventually we all managed our axes to stick about 30% of the time.

Once we got the hang of it, we started with some competitions. Couples as teams getting to 50 points, everyone separate until exactly 15 points –and when you go over, you start again at 0–, double-handed throwing, underhand throwing… We kept on getting better at making the axes stick and really started to focus on our aim.

At the end of our two-hour session, our shoulders and arms welcomed the well-deserved rest. Going for dinner at a steak house seemed like the only appropriate option to end the day.

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