Lights in the Sky

We had already seen the northern lights in Saskatchewan once before, but they were rather faint that night. We had the intention to go and see them again when they would be brighter, but since we can’t control the weather or the geomagnetic activity, we were quite dependent on the randomness being in our favour. With less than two weeks before we were moving back, the cosmos decided to grant us what we had wished for and we received a notification about a real geomagnetic storm happening on a Tuesday night. We waited until the best moment at night1 and drove north again. This time we already started to see the lights while we were still driving, but only once we pulled over on a small side road, it became clear exactly how bright the lights were.
The temperature around -20˚C prevented us to take a picture of ourselves and it was rather difficult to focus in the pitch black night, but we were still able to take some nice photos of this magical phenomenon.

  1. Not too early, because we had to be inside the area where the lights would be visible. Not too late, because by then the storm would have subsided.

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