Fun on the Ice Rink

With only so little time left in Canada, there was still one activity on our bucket list that we really wanted to cross off and that was feasible to plan in those last days1: going curling! We’d watched a curling game before, but we had never tried it out.So on our last Monday in Regina, we rented an ice rink for two hours at the Tartan Curling Club.

Accompanied by our Book Club gang, we received our gear and luckily Jennifer knew enough to instruct us newbies. Honestly, it was way more difficult than it looks. First of all, you need to be able to keep your balance when you (the curler) slide out with the rock. The rock is made from granite and is really heavy. Secondly you have to release the rock at the correct angle, at the right time and with just enough force so that it stops sliding when it reaches the target. After the rock is released two other players of the same team can sweep the ice in front of the rock to make it slide faster, although we’re not sure whether that mattered for players as inexperienced as us.

Our first attempts must have been hilarious for everyone who was watching; we tumbled, fell, slid on our bellies and so on. But we persevered and after a while we manage to keep our balance. Actually scoring was quite something different: getting the throwing force just right was really hard. Most of our rocks either came to a stop before the line or continued at full speed past the target. The relief and joy when our rock stopped in the correct area was immense and scoring gave an enormous satisfaction.

It might not be the most entertaining sport to watch, but it is a great sport to try out. And we’d like a few more sessions to continue to develop our skill to a presentable level.

  1. Our Canadian bucket list is far from completed, so we’ll have to come back to Canada one day. It’s just a question of when exactly.

3 thoughts on “Fun on the Ice Rink

  1. Santi

    I though you guys were already in Belgium? I bet it must be hilarious to look at but I’m also sure it’s even more fun to try out! I will miss your inspiring blogs!

    1. Thomas Hermans

      Oh, we’ve been back for two weeks now. We’re running a little behind on writing the posts, this was from our last week in Regina.

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