Moving Back

With the deepest regret we have to announce that the end of our Canadian adventure is near, so near that it feels awfully weird and surreal to write about it. Within two weeks (9 days to be completely correct) we’ll be moving back to the land of chocolates and beers. Moving is quite a challenge, these past weeks we’ve been incredible busy sorting out our belongings: what do we want to take along, what should we leave behind1; saying goodbyes to friends and trying to enjoy every last minute of our stay here, while it lasts.
Why so sudden, you may ask, wasn’t the plan to stay for three years? Well, I got offered a job within Yara in Brussels and this opportunity, combined with the heartwarming thought of being back close to our family and friends, was too good to refuse. For Thomas it will be quite the change as well: he won’t be able to work with his comfy dressing gown on anymore.
In short, we’re totally excited about the move. We’ll definitely end up living in Ghent, although we don’t know yet where exactly. To be continued…
  1. Every time we have to move I come to the same realization: we have way too much stuff that we don’t really use or need. So this time, we’re trying to be strict…

7 thoughts on “Moving Back

  1. kyra

    Woooow! But what about the blog? I think you should carry on writing it when you get back. I’m sure you’ll still be having plenty of adventures!
    We’ll definitely have to pop over this summer at some point then to visit….

  2. Santi

    Maaar maar maar maar maaar gaan jullie wel nog blogs blijven schrijven dan? Ben wel blij dat jullie dichterbij komen, mis jullie

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