Flying Home for Christmas

In the second half of December 2016 we flew back to Belgium, swapping a White Christmas for one celebrated with family. We happily accepted 30°C increase of outside temperature that came with it. Just like the year before, we had three weeks to spend and they were packed to the brim with meeting friends and seeing our families. Yumi even found the time to go on a city trip to London with Yuran, while I stayed home and reunited with my colleagues at the office. We’ve strolled around on the Christmas markets of Ghent, Ypres and Hasselt; and next to those three I’ve also been to the one in Brussels and Yumi spent a day in the one in London. Meeting up with friends happened mostly at a wide variety of restaurants, from pizza places and the krokettenbar to a fondue place and a Nepalese restaurant. Other times we were invited to their homes, but the food we were served easily held its own in comparison, both in quality and in quantities.

Since Christmas is the holiday to celebrate with family, we were happy to see everyone over these three weeks: from our parents, my brother and Yumi’s sisters, to (most of) our extended families. We ate and ate and ate some more, but we also went bowling (where Yumi surprised us all by throwing three strikes in a row), walked through Brussels, explored the Christmas market of Ypres, visited the Ice Sculpture festival in Hasselt1 and went to see the China Lights in the Antwerp Zoo.

We wish everyone a very happy, adventurous and fulfilling 2017. May your year be filled with wonder, joy and laughter. May you enjoy this year with friends and family. And may it bring splendid opportunities and interesting challenges.

  1. Contrary to Canadian ice festivals, in Belgium the ice sculptures are inside the tent and you go outside to warm up afterwards.

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