A Cultural Week in Regina

Last week turned out to be quite hectic for a normal work week in wintertime. One cannot simply complain and saying there is nothing to do in Regina without checking if there is indeed nothing going on. Turned out that there were enough events to keep us occupied, they might even give me a change of heart about Regina.

On Monday we joined a Paint Nite event. The concept is brilliantly simple: you create a painting while you’re enjoying a drink (or more) and some nice company. Thanks to the paint instructor, who guides you through the process step by step, it’s honestly not that difficult at all. It’s okay if your last real painting experience dates back to primary school1. They provide all the materials, so you just have to show up at the bar or restaurant, bring along some friends and your creative mind.

The painting for our night was called Tahitian Sunset and the design looked alarmingly complex. No experience needed, yeah right. Worst of all, I was sitting next to someone who definitely had been going to these Paint Nites often, she blended her colours with such a sense of professionalism that I felt like a complete moron. If I hadn’t ordered a pint already, I might have gotten cold feet and left the place. But we had sworn at the start of the event not to say “My painting sucks.”, “Your painting looks so much better.” and “Can you paint this for me?”, so we stuck to those rules and just had lots and lots of fun2. In the end, our paintings turned out quite good, to be honest. So good that we were on cloud nine and dared to pose with them in front of the logo. We won’t be the next Van Goghs, but that’s okay3.

On Wednesday we attended a customer experience evening at Willow on Wascana. We’d been there before, but only for some cocktails and appetizers. This time we enjoyed several amuse-bouches, a soup, starters and main courses with wine pairings. The food was amazing!4 Before every course the chef and one of the owners gave a short explanation on the dish itself, telling us more details about the sourcing of the food and wine, which wine we should combine with the course, some anecdotes on the history of Willow on Wascana and so much more. It’s not the type of restaurant where you pop in on a regular weekday due to an empty fridge, but it’s definitely a nice place for special occasions.

On Thursday evening we enjoyed our English class as usual5 and on Friday evening we saw the latest play in Globe Theater: Salt Baby. We have had mixed experiences regarding the regular plays in Globe Theater, but this one was one of the best we’ve seen. Although the story about a girl with partial First Nations heritage started off a little slow, her discovery of her lineage and her acceptance of herself really captured us.

  1. Note: Painting walls doesn’t count.
  2. I have to come clean; I secretly wished that my painting would be more beautiful than my neighbour’s one. But at that point I almost ruined my painting by spilling black paint on it, leaving a stain the size of my fist behind. Bad karma…
  3. I’m actually very fond of both of my ears.
  4. And I’m not writing this because it was a free dinner, but because it truly was a great experience.
  5. Task: find the four idioms with a C in this blog post.

3 thoughts on “A Cultural Week in Regina

  1. Jennifer

    Change of heart about Regina…you mean you’re gonna stay?!!

    Cold feet at a paint nite is better than at a wedding 😉

    Cloud 9…

    …are there 4, or 3?

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