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Regina’s Science Centre is –like most Canadian science centres that we’ve visited– very child friendly. The information is accessible for children to understand and there are fun activities to participate in (launching a hot air balloon into the air, walking through a gigantic version of a human ear, creating humongous soap bubbles, hitting a hockey puck and trying to score against a digital goalie…). But once a month, they organize an Adult Science Night. A bar is set up and adults are allowed to wander around and try everything out without the need for a child companion.

Every night also features a different theme, around which some extra activities are set up. Around the end of October, I had already joined one Adult Science Night as a SaskGames member, trying to entertain some participants by getting them to play some light games. Since the theme was Halloween, I had brought Cockroach Poker and although not that many people joined the game1, we’ve had some good laughs.

Last Thursday the theme of the Science Night was Nerd Out. Naturally we felt personally addressed, so we had to go and check it out. It turned out to be great fun. We watched a star and planet projection inside an inflatable dome. Our front row seats gave us a perfect view of the constellations and planets on display, for which we gladly accepted our neck pain. Later we verified that we could lift our own body weight on Jupiter’s moon Io (which only has 1/7 of Earth’s gravitational pull). We also entered the slingshot chip contest, where we tried to construct a protective case around a Pringle that would keep it whole when it was shot across the room with a slingshot2. We played a concentration game where you had to push a little ball to the other side of the table simply by concentrating on it (with a brainwave measurer strapped to our head). We drove around on a Segway. We even were part of an electronic circuit and played Flappy Bird by high fiving each other.

  1. I guess they were mostly there for the science and not for the games.
  2. Unfortunately, our Pringle did not survive its trip.

3 thoughts on “Nerd Out

  1. Santi

    Who won the brainwave contest? I bet Thomas because Thomas never loses and what the hell is a Pringle?

    1. Thomas Hermans Post author

      I did indeed win the brainwave contest.
      A Pringle is a single edible item out of a Pringles can (as in “once you pop, you can’t stop”).

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